Yosemite to San Francisco complete

404KM yosemite to san francisco

I’m not going to write a huge amount about the challenge Yosemite to San Francisco it was awesome, it was hard, it was hot but most of all the new friends were amazing.

When you see someone doing something for charity or even to push themselves a little encourage them, whether its a small thing or a large event to them its a huge step if they haven’t done it before so I’m proud to have done this even if I only did 100km of it I would have been proud.

The start yosemite to san francisco


yosemite to san francisco the end

Have to say a huge thank you to AOA and the wonderful guides Alex and Todd, who provided us with great refreshments, food and entertainment.

its easier to go down a hill


the tougher the challenge

Now on to the next adventure x


Thanks to Aaron for the use of some of images, he doesn’t have a website but he should (my opinion)

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