Why oh Why!!!

Why oh Why!!! did I sign up for this 400km bike ride? That is what I said on Tuesday evening, whilst being pushed to my limits in the wind and rain around the countryside where we live, just under 40km done, its the first time I have even thought it never mind said it and after finishing my training run having a nice hot coffee I felt disappointment in myself for even thinking it, I’m doing this to help so many within our community but honestly its tough, the training, time is not a good friend when you have so many other commitments also, commitments you cant get out of it.

cycling kit

Yes this is me in my gear, the shirts and jackets will have all our supporters and sponsors Logos on them….I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

We have got all child care sorted so his routine stays the way it is as much as possible thanks to my parents and his support worker….all of them are awesome!

Time with my family is limited at the best of times but we have survived 10yrs with the same routine so we cant be doing to badly.

So lets see the good things about it, I’m currently on over £3000 raised, which if we were to break it down is – (all costs below are approximate)

  • £3,000 Would sponsor one of Everton’s disability teams allowing for essential training, facility hire, kit and transport. We have had more than 30 players represent their country at European, World and Paralympic competition.
  • £1,000 Would allow us to purchase specialist inclusive equipment for our daily sessions at Alder Hey Hospital.
  • £1,000 Would fund an unemployed individual on a 10-week intervention course to help them gain employment.
  • £800 Would allow us to run a community sports festival.
  • £700 Would fund a fun day out for groups in our community who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity, such as sick and disabled children in hospital, residents in elderly care homes, families who face financial difficulty.
  • £450 Would allow us to purchase a wheelchair bumper attachment allowing a wheelchair user to play football.
  • £200 Would sponsor a member of the community to become an active volunteer developing their skills and job prospects.
  • £185 Would allow a member of the community to achieve an accredited sporting qualification improving their skills and job prospects.
  • £50 Would purchase a specialist audible football allowing blind people to play football.

Hotel is sorted for the night before, my return is not going to be as I planned but it works better for my son. Just to continue sorting the Kitlist, train more and pack to do….4 weeks and counting.

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