What can you cook with just frozen food?

What can you cook with just frozen food?

I have a lot of staple foods in my freezer and we like to fill it, then allow it to run down to nothing so not to be storing foods for to long, after its run down again we go to a major freezer store and fill up again.

With the beautiful weather we have been having and a weekend at home with nothing planned (shock horror) we spent the day just having fun in the garden, with bubbles, pool and a BBQ.

What did I have in my freezer? Burgers? yes a box of 4, sausages? always have bags a bag of them at least, Corn on the Cob? yes the kids love them, Chicken? another firm favourite.

I also found some lamb ribs that I had frozen. I also had some frozen fruit, Ice cream and ice-cream roll….oops no ice-cream roll, a quick shop to get some bread and salad, I popped in my basket 2 ice cream rolls to make an Ice cream Bowl cake, so easy and quick.

freezer 1

How do you eat your BBQ’d food? well little man decided he was having a mixed sandwich pitta, Burger, sausage, potato and salad.


There are so many options for what you can do with some basic freezer food.

Chicken and Veg Soup

  • 100gms frozen baby carrots
  • 100gms frozen green beans
  • 100gms frozen peas and sweetcorn
  • 500 mls of chicken stock
  • 150g cubed, cooked chicken meat
  • Salt and pepper to taste

To Make

  • Place all vegetables in a pan with the chicken stock and boil for around 10 mins
  • Add chicken and continue to boil until heated through, season
  • Serve with fresh bread or cob

Just veg soup if you are a vegetation

  • 100gms frozen baby carrots
  • 100gms frozen green beans
  • 200gms frozen peas and sweetcorn
  • 400 mls of vegetable stock
  • Salt and pepper to taste

To Make

  • Add all to the pan and boil until thoroughly cooked, blend if you wish and serve with fresh bread or cob

A few more recipes for you to have a look at

  • Chicken casserole
  • Sausage Risotto (using veg and sausages from freezer)
  • How about a pie? I am always making chicken and veg, mince and steak pies, I always have a supply of party in my freezer also (little mans favourite food)

I’m sure you can come up with more, YES!! well this is time to check out your freezer or go shopping down the freezer aisles and see what you can cook up with for a chance to win a chest freezer, have a look at the Cool Cookery blog about what you would cook and then tweet the link to @Cool_Cookery before 11.59pm 24th July so be quick for your chance to win.

Disclosure: I was sent £25 to spend in the freezer aisle, all words and thoughts my own


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