Extreme (to me it was) Exercise (My Red Nose day Challenge)


So a few months back, I kept seeing a hashtag #SecretThing from 3 of my favorite Bloggers as known now collectively TeamHonk, as usual it made everyone wonder what heck these ladies were up to, but it really was a secret until the powers that be allowed them to spill the juicy beans.

They Spilt the Juice and off they went to Ghana, yes Ghana with Davina and Wozzy (those folk from the TV), They were there to see where our money has over the past 25yrs, the money you have donated to Comic Relief the times you have done something Silly for money, remember them? Yes I remember being a clown all those years ago. Well this year has been completely different, through the eyes of friends we have seen just how much of an impact our money has helped to build safer and better communities, how they have been given one thing and through that one thing has made life so much better, built on it and given their children a chance for an educated future.

My Chance came about when I was asked to Join these fab ladies in TeamHonk and do something funny for money.

I couldn’t think what to do Then the wonderful T mentioned she was doing a 25mile bike ride…BINGO that’s what I will do… So I was doing the North Proud as T did the South proud.

Heck I can remember the last time I got on a bike it was over 6yrs ago and I went down the road, do I still have a bike? yes a beautiful one, a bike my Mum gave me because she never used it either ;).

I didn’t have time to practice so my thoughts on it were, Get up, Get dressed, Get on the Bike and GO!!! and that’s what I did, 25 Miles, worked out by Google maps the night before with the help of a friend.


So at 08:10 I set of from the house, drizzle and bitterly cold, the seaside is so nice at this time of year (NOT!), I made it to what we were calling the starting point and off I went 2 1/2 laps round and I stopped for a quick Birthday hug and a coffee from my parents, hubby and children. Then off I went again another 1 1/2 full laps to complete then a shorter one, I was done…did I really finish it, Oh MY I DID! I Did it, I got to town and went to my Local Nero’s for a coffee and yes they laughed but all in good fun, I then completed the 25 miles by continuing the cycle home.


I was spotted on numerous occasions by various people and couple sat in their apartment waving at me when I went past :)
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and donated to this wonderful cause, now lets get more money and DO SOMETHING FUNNY FOR MONEY :)

I’m sat here now (Monday morning) with a little pain in my bottom but otherwise I feel ok, You can still donate if you wish to, I would be so grateful Angie TeamHonk