Snorkeling with Mr Delaware

Snorkeling with Mr Delaware

SnorkelingWithMr DelawareSunset Beach(1)


Ok so we have returned from the amazing Jamaica, Irie man!!! and I have a few videos I want to share once I have edited them but I wanted to get this on the blog first for our new friends from Delaware, USA who will be back home this time tomorrow.

I’m not a strong swimmer and the boys don’t swim either but I really wanted to try this and when Mr D and the ladies said they had been out I asked if I could have a go with them, I couldn’t master the mouth piece so it was a case of deep breath’s and look under the water but I did it, so another item ticked of my bucket list and I have promised to learn and do better if we ever get the chance again.

If you ever get the chance to do this then don’t hesitate, its amazing and free on the resort we went to.


Please leave a comment or two to show some blog love to Joe for Helping me and being so patient, you will notice that you can hear his voice once in the clip, I left that in so you can hear what a numpty I am….I forgot to take my glasses off.

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