Shuussshhh its a Secret ( Choccywoccydoodah)

What do you do on a Saturday? a normal Saturday…well I choose to have a different Saturday

5am Alarm

5.57 first train….ok so where am I going?

LONDON!!! yes, I went to London, What did I do?

Meet a few people and ate Chocolate, what more would you like? details? OK then!

I hope Christine doesn’t mind but I cant hold Secrets and this is something that needs to be told.

Keys for the secret room

Keys for the secret room

Where am I (oh the title tells you) yes the amazing Choccywoccydoodah, London Shop, the Location is in the very trendy area of Carnaby Street it covers 3 floors, shop, Cafe and then this The Secret room


A lovely Group of women meeting for coffee

A lovely Group of women meeting for coffee

The drinks on offer :)

The drinks on offer :)


The destruction a the end

We had cakes, sweets, chocolates, fruit, champagne, soft drinks, hot drinks and the Hostess was a lovely young lady who was polite, funny and clearly loved her job.

So gather 10 friends or more and get booking the room for the best 2hrs of your life, its worth every penny of the £25 per head.

Now I would just like to put the record straight A Tweet from the wonderful ChoccyWoccyDoodah

@cakesphotoslife@choccywoccyshop I so hope your ready, they’re all crazy..I’m the only sane one #SBChocReally? That’s not what they said….

Told you I was Sane…ask Laura 😉

No if you are reading this before 31st Janauray 2013, get an email over to Christine (@) choccywoccydoodah and tell her the reason you would Love to win a cake for but be quick :)

Now Christine if you are reading this my email to you way back is now a fib :( we will not be attending the wedding I mentioned but she is still the most wonderful Daughter who does so much for us, is polite, kind and kind be slightly outspoken (bit like her mum) :)

P.s (edit) if you want to try something divine then the white chocolate popcorn is the way to go, please can we try some dark chocolate also 😉 x





7 thoughts on “Shuussshhh its a Secret ( Choccywoccydoodah)

    • I’m top of the list 😀 can’t wait…when do I pay :) it was worth every second of no sleep, early trains and the 200+miles xxx

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