Shrove Tuesday (pancakes)

I use my own little recipe for pancakes due to the fact its easy and works




  • Plain Flour
  • Cold water
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • Oil
  • Jug
  • Choice of Flavours

How to

  • Break the 2 eggs into one of the bowls
  • Into 2nd bowl add the flour to the same height as the eggs in the previous bowl
  • Beat the eggs and pour into the jug
  • Add water to the same level as flour, ensure the water is cold
  • add both to the eggs and mix well
  • Heat small about of Oil in the frying pan and pour


I choose Chocolate topping for teen, I heated the chocolate slightly then poured it on

Any more Mum? ( Teen 17) Yes make them yourself 😉 (me)

Strawberry Coulis with strawberries and cream for mine

I apologise for the images, my kitchen isn’t the best for lighting but half my bulbs have also just popped also.


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