Refreshing Drink for summer

IMG_2321Summer has arrived this week arrived and long may it continue, this months one ingredient challenge is cucumber and i wanted something a bit different, I attempted to make non alcoholic Pimms cupcakes with little success I will keep trying that one, I did find a recipe for a refreshing Drink for Summer though.

I have modified the version I found but thank you for the inspiration. Many of you wont will realise I am a stickler for drinks, don’t ever give me DC that’s not a can/cheaper version or a coffee that isn’t what I drink…I will tell you the difference and not drink it.


  • 100 grs Sugar
  • 100grs water
  • 225mls of Lemon Juice ( I had a bottle in the cupboard)
  • 500mls Soda Water
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 6 strawberries
  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • Ice



Make a syrup from the water and sugar, ensure sugar has dissolved then leave to cool

Mix Lemon Juice, Syrup and Soda water together well

Add chopped strawberries, half slices of cucumber (peeled) and roughly chopped mint

Top the Jug with ice

I added chopped strawberries, cucumber and mint in the bottom of the bottles then added the ice cold lemonade.

Was very refreshing with a taste of all 3 but not to tarty for lemonade (you can obviously adjust for individual tastes) – Me


My entry to the one ingredient challenge for July hosted by Nazima at Franglais Kitchen and Laura at How To Cook Good Food.


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