Next Stop Jamaica

Next Stop Jamaica

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Whilst you are reading this (6am or thereabouts 6th April) we are sat at the airport waiting to board our plane.

Well I have to say I Love Thomas Cooks at present, 3 weeks ago I saw this holiday, messaged husband who then told me to price it up with all extras etc, as I looked online the price was the same as we had seen weeks previous but a little icon told us it had a discount, as I clicked through I also got a message on screen saying congratulations the price had dropped (about £40 pp), well that was it the I was convinced this holiday was for us, I priced it up, phoned and confirmed the price with a Lovely lady at the Stretford office and told hubby, he then phoned me back and said book.

So we are off for a week in the sunshine, no internet but lots of sun, relaxation and fun. I have my camera’s and my GoPro with me and I will attempt to do some vlogs whilst there.

We will also celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary whilst out there and a huge happy birthday to my Parents who also celebrate on the same day.

Don’t miss us to much 😉

Let the fun begin

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