The Mad’s Thank you (Please Help Me By Voting)

MAD Blog Awards

What can I say, I asked a few people to nominate me, I didn’t post about it, I didn’t beg (to much).

I was surprised to be in 3 categories and was so pleased that people thought about my little blog so much to spend a little time to nominate.

Imagine my surprise when on Thursday I got a message to let me know I was a FINALIST…yes little me, I’m up against 4 amazing blogs but just being nominated was everything to the work I put into it, so imagine this big momma on hearing the news I’m off to London for the ceremony…I was crying. Smiling and dancing all at once.

So a huge thank you to everyone who thinks of me and the work I do.

Its All Official Now, I have been expecting an email to say it was an error, but its not, I have some amazing competition from

  • A Mummy Too Have a Look at her Blog Here
  • A Frugal Queen, her Blog can be found Here
  • A Gourmet Mum, another amazing Blog See it Here
  • A Last But Not Least The Curry Guy can be found Here

Please take a few minutes Hours and have a look at their blogs, but remember to vote for me 😉

You can Nominate here at 8pm this evening (12/3/2013) until midnight 26th March 2013, Winners will be told on the Night of the ceremony in September

Now back to looking at dresses, shoes, bags etc…I maybe some time 😀

Thank you

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