LoveFoodHateWaste July and August

Ok so I did my first #LoveFoodHateWaste over a month ago and I got 3 link ups, thank you so much, this one will run until August 16th and then I will get the next up by 1st September, with a round up.

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Last months round up include :-

Janine over at chouxchouxbedoo, had a fun challenge set by her hubby  with this one :)

Janine also posted this one about waste not want not and an amazing cake, have a nosey, even better try making the cake x

and Last but not least Jenny over at Mummy Mishaps linked with another great cake recipe, bananaberry cake, have a go this one also.

We have been really good also, using lots of food that we had stored in the freezer, emptying cupboards etc, I used a few recipes from the cards we got whilst at the food festival.

These are the cards

#LoveFoodHateWaste cards

One example was the sausage risotto, Adults enjoyed it but little man was slightly indifferent regarding it but it was change for him x

Sausage Risotto

Also have a look at my Caramel Shortbreads


Please add to the blog hop, your recipes from cupboard staples or leftovers, lets make a difference together




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