Inspirational Women Day

I wanted to Join in with this I have read some amazing stories of woman who have guided others even a beautiful young girl inspiring her mum, Myself I have some amazing women in my life and some no longer with us, My grandma, My mother in Law, They are no longer here but I’m never far from the advice they gave.

Those who still inspire are

My Mum

My Auntie

My Daughter in a weird way she wanted the freedom and she fighting to keep it, which I’m hoping strengthens her and brings out the best in her as I know she is a beautiful and clever girl inside and out.

The Lady I want to focus on and interview, has an aura about her that brings out the best in those around her, she has a passion for the charity she works for that you don’t see very often and it’s that, that has helped me learn a lot over the past 12 months, not just about the charity but about myself, I have always called myself a charitable person and love to help others but I now feel that I understand more, its such a difficult thing to explain but its all positive.


So everyone please meet Carena from Everton in the Community

Carena please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Carena and I am nearing to 35 years old. I have been working here at Everton Football Club since 2005/2006 season, I have been in this particular job role as fundraising officer for the Blues official charity since 2010.

I am enthusiastic, hardworking and determined. I have many passions in life however the main being Everton Football Club. I am dedicated, committed and strive to work by the Clubs ‘Nil Satis’ ethos.

How did you begin in the role you have know?

I fell into this role by accident, in 2009 I took part in a charity climb in Northern Italy called the Via Ferrata and I managed to raise a significant amount of funds which was generated from our fantastic fan base. I was then seconded to the charity for 6 months in January 2010 and I guess the rest is history.

Explain what the charity does for the Local community and further afield.

The charities key aim is to engage diverse communities in positive programmes that will make a real impact on their lives. Through a range of innovative projects we continue to strive towards ambitious goals, bringing people of all ages closer to the football club, whilst helping them to achieve their full potential.

Through the expertise of our specialist staff and working alongside multi-sector partners, we will continue to roll-out ground breaking projects that tackle the most pertinent issues affecting our communities and demonstrate significant examples of best practice that can be replicated by other club community schemes.

What is the best thing about the role?

There is many highlights to my role, of course I am a massive blue who traveled home and away with Everton for a couple of years so of course having the privilege of walking in the gates of Goodison Park every day is something I love. Meeting the people I meet every day is also a massive part of the job I love. I have had the opportunity to take part in various oversees challenges and also represent the charity on an International level which has been a massive highlight for me.

I have also had opportunities to engage with former Everton players who have been my hero’s so of course to be in a position to meet and engage with such people is fantastic.

Knowing that the money raised is being reinvested back into our local community and having the knowledge that it is making a difference on a very local level.


Making supporters dreams come true by hosting various events and seeing the delight on their faces.

Can you tell us the worst bits?

Hmmmmmmm… Difficult!!!

What is your best achievement personally for the Charity and in the job role on a professional level?

Being offered the role as fundraising officer here at EITC has been a massive achievement for me, with no fundraising qualifications or training in this field whatsoever. I have been able to draw on my experiences to engage with people from all aspects of life, from company directors to the hard core football supporter, encouraging them in a positive and friendly manner, to take part in activities and events they would never have considered previously. More recently, I have worked on my own initiative in researching and introducing new fundraising activities in order to maintain the interest of participants and our loyal fan base.

What are you aims for the future?

 To be the best fundraising team in the UK. To keep striving and aiming for the best.. To have a massive Blue army participating in an International challenge.



Carena was Nominated for an award last year and this is an extract of what Someone said about her!

In 2009 Carena was working as a Customer Service Advisor selling tickets in Everton Football Club’s Box Office.  In her own words she had reached a crossroads in life. Much of her upbringing had brought significant challenges. Raised in one of the most economically deprived areas of Merseyside, two of her brothers and one sister imprisoned for drug-related crimes bringing significant social challenges to the family, Carena left school with no qualifications and suffered for many years from a range of mental health problems and eating disorders. Despite these challenges Carena had always harboured a burning desire to break free from the shackles of her environment and to achieve something more for herself, whilst improving the lives of those around her. Carena was very aware of the work of the Club’s charity Everton in the Community and so in the summer of 2009, at the age of 30, decided to embark on a fundraising challenge that would change her life forever. Having had no previous trekking or climbing experience, Carena decided to undertake the Via Ferrata mountain challenge in Italy and dedicated a year to training and fundraising. Well-loved amongst the clubs large fan-base, Carena gained support from far and wide through fundraising events, charity days and sportsman’s dinners, raising in the region £13k for EitC. On returning home Carena realised she had discovered her passion in life and therefore requested a job transfer to work with the charity on a full-time basis. In recognition of her infectious appetite for fundraising, as well as her knack for getting people to donate, in 2010 Carena was offered the role of Fundraising Coordinator at Everton in the Community. Despite not having any formal training in this field Carena has become one of the most valuable members of the Charity’s 33 strong full-time workforce, generating more revenue for the Charity’s projects than ever before.


DID SHE WIN? Of course she did


Thank you Carena for taking the time for this interview and also for all you do for everyone, you touch the hearts and souls of everyone you meet

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  1. lovely article Carena is truly one of the
    Nicest and most generous person I have ever had the privilege of meeting.she is a ray of sunshine and has a true passion and belief in all she does she is truly inspirational

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