Giant chocolate cupcake surprise


Whilst I was deciding how to do the giant cupcake last week for a friends 18th, I saw something on google which Inspired me to try this, it’s my first attempt and the chocolate was not behaving (see no2 on my 10 in 2013).


I went to our local sweet shop called the sweet factory, they are really nice and friendly, the guys will get you anything they can and help at all time, I said I need enough sweets to fill and made hand shapes to the general size he gave me a bag and said fill that…perfect size :)

I melted the chocolate then painted it into the silicone cupcake mould base and lid, I used milk and white chocolate
Let it set
Add sweets
Place lid on top
I then added colourful lollipops by adding a little melted chocolate and stuck them to the lid
Placed cellophane around and tied it with some ribbon.

A fab gift for a sweet lover


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