Fish Market, New Street

DSC04431No not ‘the’ fish market a gorgeous restaurant just off Bishopsgate, (opposite Liverpool street station) London.

Walk through the gates to a beautifully decorated and comfortable courtyard, with heaters for cold nights and even blankets on the backs of chairs. Up the steps to be greeted by a hostess opening the door for and being shown to your table. (there is a lift for wheelchair users)

The welcome from the manager and your waiter was impressive in this lively little restaurant. Drinks brought to the table for you and also a wooden board with bread and butter to eat whilst reading the menu and choosing from a lovely selection of starters, light bites, mains and desserts.

I choose a light bite of mini fish cakes with homemade garlic mayonnaise.. I forgot to ask what fish it was, it was salmon and not being a lover of salmon, it wasn’t to my taste but saying that I ate it as I’m trying to diversify my menu and palette, the garlic mayonnaise was beautiful and the whole plate arrived, simple yet elegant.


Husband choose the ham hock and parsley terrine with pear chutney and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mains, I knew I would choose this as a simple yet delicious meal and apart from a cheap supermarket packet we tried a couple of weeks ago I have never eaten mussels before, they arrived served in a white wine sauce and it was a huge bowl served with a cup of crispy French fries on the side.


Husband choose steamed line caught cod with white beans, peppers and chorizo, served with minted new potatoes, he thoroughly enjoyed the whole meal.



I choose to have the cheese board instead of a dessert and hubby choose no dessert also, we ended up sharing the simple yet beautiful cheese board.



So if you are ever in the Eastend and need somewhere to eat Monday – Friday then please do pop along and say hi to everyone. You will NOT be disappointed

Disclosure: I have written this as I enjoyed it, we paid for our meal


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