Dreams 4 Christmas

Dreams 4 Christmas


This year when your thinking about Christmas imagine helping 25 children and young adults fulfill their dreams, children who have cancer, autism or any other serious and life limiting illness.

Dreams Come True help many children every year from buying a Tardis to going to the proms at the Albert Hall, I first heard about this charity earlier this year and spent 9 days with Martin N who is the fundraising manager whilst we did a charity bike ride, I have seen how tirelessly the team at DCT work to help these children, from phone calls, emails and watching Martin run marathons nearly every weekend and lots of other crazy things.

Dreams Come True have come up with a wonderful campaign this Christmas Dreams 4 Christmas to help fund the dreams for these children from secret Santa gifts certificates to a video link instead of Christmas cards upon donation. I have donated to charities before in lieu of Christmas cards but only ever had an email to show for it, so I love the idea that I can send a link to all my friends and family also.

Below is a video of little man requesting a dream, since 2012 he has said he would love to go to Rio to watch the Paralympics but has since changed his mind to visiting the Epcot in Florida to build a car at the test track and visit a stadium or two (rugby in St Petersberg as he has a friend who has just moved over there to coach a team) and also to visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium also, those that know little man know we cant anywhere new without visiting a stadium even just so he can see it from the outside. The reason for his change of heart is on the video but as parents we were relieved actually because the Paralympics is at an important time in his life, he goes to high school the week they start.

If you can donate just £5 that will toward helping one of the children waiting to get that dream they have hoped for quicker and imagine the smiles and laughter that will happen, the memories you can help to create.

Watch this short video also to see the joy just from getting a letter. (he’s talking to his big sister on the phone there)

So please this Christmas help a child with fulfill their dreams with a small donation.

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