Dear husband – sponsored #leanonturkey


Dear Husband

As you know I recently met Marco Pierre White and before I get to tell everyone what we learnt from this wonderful guy I have to tell you this!


Because good chefs make a mess, only they have people to clean up immediately, I have to wait until you come home ;).

Thank you dear husband.

Now lets make Christmas Day special.

I always thought my Christmas day dinner was lovely, the family never complain and are always thankful, well this year it will be different but good different in fact it will be amazing, Marco gave a small group of ladies the privilege of learning a few tricks and shush I’m going to share them with you. When I got the email to say I was going to this I was so pleased, thank you.


Use smaller sized, so for 4 people a 6-8lb one is perfect but if your going for 8 then buy 2
Ask your butcher to crown it for you, save the thighs and give the wings a few good chops we will use them later.

Top tip : remove the wishbone

lean on turkey stuffing and gravy


Paxo, yes you read right, paxo, sausagemeat, chopped cooked onion and fresh finely chopped sage, Make your stuffing with less water than stated on packet, add same weight of good sausagemeat, onion, herb and mix well.


Gather your bones together hopefully chopped by your butcher and any spares if you ask him nicely, chop an onion and cut a whole garlic in half and add to the roasting tin. Place in oven and cook all together with a little water, once cooked fill with hot water and leave to absorb all the flavours and juices, when ready heat again and thicken with cornflower, you can always add a knorr stock if you so wish.

lean on turkey cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce – (warning this is amazing)

500grams of fresh cranberries
250grams caster sugar
100mls ruby port
100mls fresh orange juice.

Place cranberries and sugar in a pan and cook until reduced down, add the port and orange and further reduce until a runny jam texture

So now everything is prepared, stuff your turkey crown by lifting the skin and then smooth over so you have an equal layer, pull the skin back over tightly and sit it under the bird to hold the stuffing in place (do same for thighs), brush over with clarified butter and sprinkle lightly with salt…and cook

lean on turkey serving

Once cooked, gently cut the stuffing out, remove the skin and carve, long downward strokes makes it easier, thighs cut straight near the bone on either side. Slice the skin and once your plate is ready with your veg, cranberry and some stuffing, add a few slices on top of the sliced turkey to decorate.



I came home and felt so inspired I wanted to prove it can be done at home, so with the added veg I made my recreation, is it any good?


Thank you to Britmums,  Marco and the staff at Marco’s Chelsea for looking after us. Serving us pastries. Coffees and wine (for some). Then not forgetting the amazing sticky toffee pudding to finish

lean on turkey 1

Disclosure: This was an event I attended and it was sponsored by Lean On Turkey.

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