Christmas Jumpers – Can you help?

Christmas Jumpers?

Christmas Jumper 2013

Do you have a Christmas jumper? are you thinking of replacing it this year? if so we need your old ones, for the price of postage this year you could help those in need of warm clothes, the feeling they haven’t been forgotten, in this time of austerity, so many are feeling the pinch, the homeless statistics are on the rise and not forgetting those who cant even afford a meal never mind a warm jumper, you could even send us your old hats and scarves also.

I have just done a quick Google Search and found 151 hostels in the northwest region alone, 41 food banks in a small area of the northwest also, imagine how many use both facilities on a daily basis, queuing in the hope they can have a warm bed for the night, a hot meal or just something to get them by another day.

Can you help at all by –

  • Donating
  • Even knit a jumper or hat/scarf with a Christmas theme
  • Helping with the collection of items in your area
  • Distribute the items within your area
  • Are you a company that can help (as a collection point or even help with postage costs/delivery)

If you can help please email for further details.

I received an email recently asking me if I wished to review a product, I always check out what the product is and although the product looks fabulous it was their charity page that I got drawn into Tipsy Elves they donate clothing to those in need in the USA and it gave me the idea to help over here by doing similar and spreading the Christmas Joy.

Lets help others this Christmas, don’t forget that Save the Children have their appeal also December 12th 2014, wear your Christmas Jumper with pride and help someone else at the same time.




4 thoughts on “Christmas Jumpers – Can you help?

  1. Great idea Angie. I’m really looking forward to the Save The Children Xmas jumper day as I didn’t have one last year – but I am sure I have other knits which could be put to better use so will get sorting x

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