Chocolate Truffle Cake #greatBloggersBakeOff


the photo makes it looks uneven, but it wasn’t its just the chocolate paste x

Ok so I decided to try and do a showstopper from this weeks show GBBO which was Chocolate cake, I choose a Chocolate truffle Cake from the BBC website. I also made my own Chocolate paste, and rose from melted chocolate.

So this is my Great Bloggers Bake Off Challenge for this week run by Helen and Jenny who are hosting the challenge each week.


For the cake recipe please head over to the BBC

For the paste (decoration on the side and some of the top)

200 grams Dark chocolate, chopped
60 ml Golden Syrup

I also made white chocolate buttercream

200 gms melted white chocolate
250 gms icing sugar
250 gms unsalted butter


I also decorated with a little Gold leaf to add some sparkle

9 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Cake #greatBloggersBakeOff

  1. Probably a good job you live so far away otherwise I’d be knocking on your door begging for some of that scrumptiousness :-) xx

    • Thank you it was very rich and bread…eeeekkk my worst alongside pastry but I will have a go, in fact about to make to the dough now wish me luck x

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