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How to look after your kitchen knives – avoiding the common mistakes
Concerned by the recent increase in cooking knife cruelty cases (incidences of cooking utensil mistreatment) kitchen accessories specialist Chefs Knives On-line have put together a brand-new guide to looking after our cook knives.
We have all been guilty of taking our slicers and dicers for granted from time-to-time. Maybe you have left them soaking overnight? Big mistake. Or have you let them get extremely blunt? Schoolboy error.
Let’s take a look at what the guys at Chefs Knives On-line believe that we should be doing to keep our knives in tip-top condition:

Be careful when you’re putting your knives in the sink
First off, if you are going to put your knives in the sink, don’t leave them there to soak. Not only will you be risking the fingers of anybody who may unsuspectingly reach in there, it’s also really bad for your knives because the blade can chip, or worse, break off completely.
So what should you do? The moment you have finished with it, wash it, dry it and put it back in a knife holder. This will prevent any damage, while ensuring they remain in good condition for longer.
When placing them in the drawer…
You should NEVER just throw them in there. You’ll run the risk of scratching or denting the blade. If you absolutely must store your prized knives alongside your forks and your spoons, then our good friends, the kitchen cruelty inspectors recommend that you use a secure knife sheath to guard the blade. You will still want to be careful when removing the knife and be sure not to overcrowd the drawer.

Make sure the knives are dry before you put them back
We have all done it before: you’ve finished the washing up and just want to get on with something else, and so simply put the knives away before they are properly dry. But, this is a no-no unless you want your cook knives to rust. And if they have wooden handles then there is a high chance that they’ll mould over time. So, be sure to dry them thoroughly before you’re done.
By looking after these vital pieces of cooking-kit, you’ll run less of a risk of the culinary crusaders at Chefs Knives On-line paying you a visit.
NB: The good guys at Chefs Knives On-line won’t really come to your house – they are far too busy sourcing the very best pro cook knives on the market. Click here to see their full selection, including the popular Kasumi range.



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