A Staple cupboard Food…Cheese


On our Recent trip to London, I I found 2 new Loves, one being Cheeses since trying Stichelton it seems to be a new addiction for me, We are back at the weekend for a Stay at The Cavendish Hotel which also happens to be across the Road from my other new Love Fortnum and Mason, I have been talking to little man about what we are doing this weekend and may have slipped in about getting daddy to buy me a hamper…in fact 3, a Cheese one and maybe even a candy/chocolate and a preserve one (they have a vast selection in store even hubby loved it in that section), sadly I know all 3 wont happen as we cant carry them home.

Whilst talking on twitter I was also pointed in the direction of Paxton and Whitfield which is located very close to the Hotel also a fine purveyor of Cheeses and other foods, once again we will be visiting there also.

I need some inspiration with recipes for Cheeses, Please Leave me a link so I can read your recipes and then I can see what I can up with 😀

Thank you


Crafty Eggs

IMG_0947Inspired by the Big Egg Hunt UK, They are raising vital funds for Action for Children in Partnership with Lindt UK.

We recently went out Egg Hunting around Liverpool City Centre and that gave us the idea to design our own, so out came the paints, some polystyrene eggs and some paper Jigsaw pieces.

Little Man even at 8 struggles with art work and fine motor skills are not that good, he is just getting the hang of handwriting, but he had a great attempt and

I am so pleased with his work.

eggs painting

His First Egg was in the Colours of his beloved Everton


I had a plan and got the pieces cut out at our local craft shop sadly the paper I choose was to thick for my idea, but I did have a go 😉

An egg to represent Autism (was the plan maybe a proper designer would take on the idea next year or even little mans next egg ;))


Whilst I was trying to do mine, little man decided he would have a go at one for Autism also (remember he is on the spectrum)


Shrove Tuesday (pancakes)

I use my own little recipe for pancakes due to the fact its easy and works




  • Plain Flour
  • Cold water
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • Oil
  • Jug
  • Choice of Flavours

How to

  • Break the 2 eggs into one of the bowls
  • Into 2nd bowl add the flour to the same height as the eggs in the previous bowl
  • Beat the eggs and pour into the jug
  • Add water to the same level as flour, ensure the water is cold
  • add both to the eggs and mix well
  • Heat small about of Oil in the frying pan and pour


I choose Chocolate topping for teen, I heated the chocolate slightly then poured it on

Any more Mum? ( Teen 17) Yes make them yourself 😉 (me)

Strawberry Coulis with strawberries and cream for mine

I apologise for the images, my kitchen isn’t the best for lighting but half my bulbs have also just popped also.