Autism Awareness Day

What does Autism mean to you?

What dealings with Autism have you had?

Do you understand Autism?


  • A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships, and in…
  • A mental condition in which fantasy dominates over reality, as a symptom of schizophrenia and other disorders.


I will attempt to tell you what Autism means to me from a Mums point of view, how we deal with it and what we see from others.

My little man is on the spectrum, he is classified as HFA (High Functioning Autism) why is this? Well he walks, he talks and is now learning how to socialize, he is now 8, at the age3 we had never heard the words Mummy, daddy or I love you, we never had a cuddle without asking for one and explaining what they were for.

Every thing we do has to be explained in great detail, what where how when, if we miss a detail we risk meltdown or as he now says Angry time, he cant explain why he gets Angry time, he cant explain the split second he can run across a room and just thump you or kick you, then walk away like nothing has happened.

I recently videoed him having a ‘meltdown’ and showed him the next day, he response was nothing I would have dream’t he was so upset and didn’t remember it. The doctor explained that his brain shuts down because they don’t understand, which then stops them remembering such incidents.

We have trips to the supermarket, occasionally we can get round these days without and issue but most times we have at least one meltdown, we have tried so many tactics.

  • I want people to Learn that not all children sat all the floor thrashing about and shouting are spoilt
  • That the same children are not naughty
  • To stop presuming that the parents cant cope
  • These children just cant cope, its called sensory overload, noise, people the environment, all major factors

If people take that into consideration and explain to others who are stood judging, tuting or just making some comment, then we can all help each other in a minor way to EDUCATE others and the future generations.

I describe my son as A Mac computer compared to me a windows computer, We do the same things just our main components works differently.

A Quote From daughter after sharing an image on Facebook today

People think they are different there not, there normal people with different behavior and attitudes! And don’t give you an easy time!



A little Sibling Love (doesn’t happen often ;))

I have probably forgotten so much of what I need to say so please forgive, I find it so difficult to write it down, I always try to show the good things and happy side of my son.;

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My Virtual World Tour, can you help?

Image courtesy of Earthwatch

I have decided that to go with the idea of when I set up the blog of doing interviews with famous or should famous cake designers, I will do a virtual Tour, I have already virtually interviewed Duff Goldman from Ace of cakes and would like more wonderful people to bring inspiration to us all.

Your Job if you can help, is make some suggestions for me to add to the map, I have added Duff as the starting point and a few more, when we get more I will ask if they will do a short interview for us all and travel the world virtually (Unless someone fancy’s sponsoring me to tour America at least ;)…lol..)

I’ll start with others who inspire me greatly

A Wish and Whisk Facebook Page  Lyndsey has made some amazing and special cakes during her career.

Baking Mad (Eric Lanlard) Facebook page

Victorious Cupcakes Facebook page

Link to Map as Free WordPress wont allow on post

So Please help me by adding a comment with an address if possible, thank you x

Its Here…The Man himself Duff Goldman (pt 2)

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