A special 18th Birthday Cake with a secret


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As many will know its my daughters 18th today and you can see how she has grown here, I made her a Special 18th Birthday cake. A 3 layer with chocolate and vanilla sponge and chocolate ganache. (recipes below) The more »

How big is Gretel? (Cakes project 52)


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Well she is 4ft tall and was created by Dawn at Dinkydoodle designs live at the Cake and Bake Manchester 2013 ( see previous post for links), you can see the whole process of How she was created here Linking more »

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes (#11)

Yes, I’m being serious, 100 cupcakes sold for comic relief and another 50 made and given to our Local Homeless.

Red Velvet with a white chocolate buttercream topped with an aniseed ball, I also made some blue velvet with frame buttercream and raspberry Bon bon for those have a phobia against the reds 😉



These cakes were simply decorated due to the amount and as I only have a normal cooker that will cook 12 at a time, it was a long job 😀

Worth Every second to see that I went over £400 on my sponsor page including the money for My 25 Mile Bike ride, I cannot thank people enough amazing, #TeamHonk are amazing and if you see here you can see how many people have been involved and donated, from Hair Cuts with 25 pairs of Scissors in 25 minutes to wearing a Bakofoil dress 😉


Somewhere in there I also made another cake for a friend and as I type make another not sure if I will blog about the one today as its rather rude 😉 *blushes whilst typing*

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Chocolate Orange Cake (no decoration)


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Serves 12 Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 1 hour 50 minutes Cooling time 2 hours Icing time 10 minutes Ingredients 1 whole orange 125g fruit sugar ( I used Castor sugar as had no fruit) 200g 70% dark chocolate, more »