Cadburys (Ranty Friday)

So last weekend I popped into town, whilst queuing in a well known newsagent I spotted these lovely things.

A little different they are perfect for a family of 4, no price on them…oh well about £3 sounds good in my head, so I picked them up…£3??? Oh hell no £5 (-1p) , Yes £5 whole pounds, well nearly. To late have paid for them

Saturday evening after dinner I opened the packet, now think about  it 4 eggs, so 4 spoons!!!

NO!! 2 yes only 2 spoons???

Cadburys, I pay over the odds for a little chocolate as a family treat and when we sit down to eat them, we have to in 2 sittings because you can’t be bothered to place 4 spoons in the packet, and you don’t even say it on the packet, it gives the impression a spoon for each. I could have made another meal on that much money or even bought a shed load of my sons favourite eggs, those little ones with gooey yellow and white stuff inside.

That ends my little Rant for this Friday, now head over to Mummy B’s and read others xxx


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