Bucket-list, Dreams and Achievements

Bucket-list, Dreams and Achievements

(this is my entry to IceLolly.com Dream destinations competition #SendMeAway)

Have you written a bucket-list? I have! well its a 50 before 50, some of the things I have achieved and others maybe pipe dreams but I do believe that once you have fulfilled one dream you can work towards the next. Whats on my list that I have achieved?


One of my Dreams was taking my daughter away for her 21st, we were lucky enough to recently visit Las Vegas, (early 21st) so I fulfilled her dream, mine of spending quality time together and both our dreams of a helicopter ride and also the Fremont Experience zoom-line. Included in achievements I camped last year at Yosemite before starting my epic adventure of cycling from there to San Francisco, you will see its part of my 50 before 50 (Californian roadtrip) also but next time it’s a car with the children to follow the path I did whilst cycling. Not forgetting swimming with Dolphins which again I would love to do again but with daughter also next time.

My 50 before 50 has other things on it not just travel but in no particular order here is my top 10 of travel dreams

Top 10 TravelBucketlist

Why and When for some of them.

Route 66 – the wind blowing through my hair, the sun shining and my camera handy, riding along on trike is the dream for both my husband and I we really both want to do this but not sure it will be done before the big 50 as I’m sure the little person wont have left home by then so we may have to compromise and go by a motor-home with little man also.

California Road trip – as mentioned I want to trace my cycling journey in the car with the family but also add on travel further south including Santa Cruz and Monterrey Bay.

A Cruise – I have always fancied a cruise and would love the inclusion of Belize on it, visiting different countries and seeing beautiful scenery from each different place, you ask why Belize? well many years ago just after the Falklands conflict my husband served in Belize and its the only place he served that he talks about and he dreams of going back.

Northern Lights/Lapland and Cuba – are on the list for Little Man – even though he’s 11 he still believes and a trip to Lapland before he stops is dream for us all, Cuba well he has a fascination for all cars and seeing the cars around Havana is a dream of his. (he sits and googles them)

New Orleans – with camera in hand seeing the sights around Bourbon Street, the Mardi Gras and all the colours and sounds that New Orleans has to offer who wouldn’t want to go?

The Olympics (well the Paralympics really) – little man is disabled, he uses a wheelchair occasionally because of issues with  his joints and muscles and has ASD, the Paralympics shows him that there are no boundaries and he can be what he wants, he was inspired by the London Olympics and Rio would be just as inspiring.

dreams 1

Icelolly.com are running a competition to win a £1000 travel voucher and an Olympus pen camera (one lucky person will win).

I checked out what they could offer a family of 3 (daughter cant do another holiday at the moment) for Easter break this year! (although rules state we can’t take during that period) the prices are excellent

All inclusive, 1 week in Agadir from £274, it offered a huge water park, beautiful pools and of course the weather is good for April in that area. I can imagine myself walking round the souks and enjoying the sights and smells.

Room Only – Tenerife from £159, weather nice and warm but not to hot.

Self catering – Rhodes £195 again nice weather and I believe Greece is beautiful.

I also checked out whats available for Hubby and I (in the hope my parents can come and look after our boy for us) around the start of May for upto 1 week. ( a week is far to long I know and would be impossible but this post is about dreams ;). )

Cuba – all inclusive £489, 7 nights

Miami – self catering £510, 7 nights

There are endless places for excellent rates on the Icelolly.com comparison site, all prices above are only a guide and can change up and down within minutes. It would be dream to have a holiday away from the stresses of daily life with the husband for even a few nights.

New York – 3 nights £650 ( perfect location for where Dream of visiting Hudson square, near to Tribeca, East Village and Greenwich Village)

I have even just found Luxury train rides sister trains to the Orient Express, have you fancied that? the Belmond Pullman.

As part of the T&C’s ( I strongly recommend people read all the T&Cs for any competition they enter) I am inviting 3 wonderful bloggers to take part also.

Di from Superlucky

Amy from Amy Joe Blogs

and last but not least

Sali from Sali says

Wishing everyone good luck in the competition and may your dreams come true x

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