Advent Acts of Kindness

Advent Acts of Kindness


Jen from Mum in the Madhouse has come up with a wonderful idea about doing advent slightly different this year,  Advent Act of kindness. We usually do a few of them

  • Donate to local food Bank
  • Donate to a local hostel

But we have also said we will

  • Donate more books to school
  • Donating teddy bears to a tombola to raise funds for charity
  • Donate Jumpers to the homeless and less fortunate than ourselves (you can help also, look Here)

Some of these promises aren’t suitable for little man on his own but I will see how many he can do with and without my aid and for each one I will donate £1 to our charity fundraiser, so here’s hoping he can do a huge amount of them.

We will track our progress for you to watch.

I have added the full list at the bottom of the page in case image is to small.


Mum in the Mad House

 I have copied the List from Jen, can you do something?

  • Donate a coat or jumper to charity (leaving a happy note in the pocket)
  • Donate to the local food bank
  • Make Christmas cards for your neighbours
  • Leave change in the vending machine
  • Sort through your toys and donate any that you no longer play with to charity or your local church
  • Leave chalk messages around where you live
  • Sharpen all the pencils in the classroom at break-time
  • Write a letter to your sibling telling them why you love them
  • Leave a beautiful homemade bookmark in your library book and give one to the Librarian
  • Leave the pound in the shopping trolley next time you go to the supermarket
  • Deliver cookies to your neighbours
  • Tidy your bedroom
  • Write a note and mail them to the houses with great Christmas lights saying thank you for lighting up their house for you to see
  • Sit next to someone you normally don’t at the lunch table and be nice to them
  • Be a holiday helper – volunteer to deliver local Christmas cards
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Send a care package to someone in the military
  • Find three of your toys to give to the local children’s hospital
  • Pass on some of your books to friends
  • Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  • Donate books to your school library
  • Leave out water for the birds
  • Write thank you cards for your teacher, coach, Cubs leader or people that have influenced you in a positive way
  • Clean up the area where you live by picking up litter. Make sure you wear gloves and do it with an adult.
  • Help round the house without being asked to
  • Donate pet food to a local shelter
  • Put together a shoebox for your local church
  • Write a thank you note for the bin collectors and post person
  • Wash your parents car
  • Give a homeless person a blanket
  • De-ice your neighbours windshields in the morning
  • Take everyone in your class a candy cane or cookie
  • Take poinsettias to your nearest nursing home
  • Make a Christmas card for the school receptionist
  • Offer to help an elderly friend or neighbour with their Christmas decorations
  • Make Christmas flowers for the reception at school
  • Make a thank you card for the school crossing staff
  • Cook dinner for your family
  • Offer to pack the shopping bags of the person in front of you and behind you at the supermarket
  • Invite a new friend for a play date or out to play
  • Walk your neighbours dog dog
  • Give out a complement
  • Give out free hugs today
  • Hold the door open for people all day
  • Smile all day
  • Let someone go in front of you in a queue
  • Introduce yourself to someone new at school and chat with them
  • Ring an elderly relative and have a nice chat to them
  • Make a tree decoration for your baby sitter
  • Donate this weeks pocket money to charity

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