Me!! And why?

Me, The kids and a fisherman???Mum of 2, a husband and just hit 40..arrgghhhh ūüėȬ†

I’m not a writer or a journalist,¬†in fact¬†English¬†was my worst¬†subject¬†ever at school, I am a community support worker who helps promote¬†independence¬†to adults with varying disablities. I have a chaotic life, teenager daughter going through the stresses of life, a 7yr old with HFA, who doesnt like sleep, he recently told the Dr he sleeps when he needs to…heehee.

I started a blog last year but tbh I got bored with it rather quickly, but I made a promise to myself that this year would be different, I’m keeping that promise and have loved every second of it, meeting new ‘virtual’ friends, linking with different bloggers and basically all of joining different parts of our life with each other.

I have had some great encouragement from other bloggers also, so a big thank you to those kind folks.


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