6 weeks!!!

6 weeks that’s only 42 days…..left before I leave the house and start my epic journey, as I start to sort out my kit list and up the training one of the guys doing this with me ( there are 11 of us in total I believe myself I don’t know anyone personally yet) found a YouTube video that I thought I would share with you, 5 days reduced to 15mins, those in the video are professional sports people, watching it made me emotional, scared, nervous and maybe a little excited, I mean only a little.

View from Vista Point

View from Vista Point

  • I’m leaving my boys for 9 days, that’s a long time to be so far away from them.
  • I’m scared my fitness levels are poor compared to others and I will hold them all back.
  • I’m scared I will feel alone.
  • I’m nervous about sharing a tent with a complete stranger…although after 1 night we wont be strangers I’m sure
  • I know will be emotional by the time we get to Vista Point and see the bridge a mixture of relief and pride that I have completed it (or as near as only the bridge to cross)


I still need donations go here and also sponsorships for shirts still available, please email me for further details regarding the sponsorship.

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