25 years for Everton in the Community

As many who read often will know little man had HFA or Aspergers as most commonly known, these children have fixations and are passionate about things, these passions tend to last the whole of their lives, they also go through phrases as other children do, my little man has 3 Loves, Football (Everton) cars and Eddie Stobart.
Sunday 20th January 2013, hubby was reading the Everton Website from his phone as he always does and spotted this Mascot Prize up for grabs, I read with interest and then started a little fundraising campaign of my own, Social Media can be such a good thing sometimes, I managed to get 11 people, Our friends and My family to place a £10 Donation on the Just giving site.

My Mum and dad, My Niece, Kathy one of my best friends, Myself and Hubby, Rob little mans match day buddy, David who owns a local coffee shop (pippins coffee house), Jackie a work mate, Bernie a friend and work mate, Les and Debbie another 2 wonderful friends… I personally wish to thank you all for helping. I do understand many don’t have the money to donate but the positive wishes from all helped.

A short video of him being told the news

What do Everton in the community do?

The Blues’ official charity is proud of its impressive achievements which include:

  • Supporting 1,500 local charities a year
  • Contributing to a 55% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 79% reduction in crime in challenging areas across Merseyside
  • 100% success rate on all education programmes
  • Assisting 50% of participants on the employment programme to return to work
  • 26 disability teams

above taken from Everton in the Community, Please if you can press that donate button and help them achieve the goal of £1 million for this year, as you can see they help so many people in many different ways,

Inclusion for all


How have they Helped little man?

  • An activity which has discipline
  • Helps him to socialise
  • Accepts others
  • Gives him boundries to adhere to
  • Team Player
  • Made friends that understand him more than most do

Ok so we are not fully there with all of the above but 1 year on we can see such an improvement in his behavior, attitude and enthusiasm for actually having a go at new things


Previous post showing the fun they have

Oh and if you haven’t guessed yet, Little Man won one of the 2 prizes up for grabs and will be fulfilling a dream on Saturday, he will be walking out with his dream team on the hallowed Turf of Goodison, so please if you watch MotD lets hope they show it :)

19 thoughts on “25 years for Everton in the Community

  1. I am sooooo happy to have played my small part in making this happen for Ollie – should be a truly amazing day for him :-) xxxx

  2. That has just made me have a tear in my eyes to see his little face light up am so glad that we could help, his dream come alive xx

    • Wow. Auntie Kath with a tear in her eye, thank you so much for helping and always being there for us….big hugs to his godmother :) xxx

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