100 cupcakes and 25 mile bike ride…Help!!!

March 15th is the 25th red nose day, can you believe it? 25 years of comic relief.

This Year I have become more involved in things and what to do to raise money, spurred on by the amazing #TeamHonk



T from over at Mummybarrowdecided to ride her bike for 25 miles, can you believe that? well so am I, I have never been a big cyclist at most a couple of miles, but I decided I would do the Northern part of the country proud and also have a go…now this is the sympathy bit please ( I NEED YOUR MONEY) its on my BIRTHDAY, yes my birthday and more to the point the way things stand my boys will not be around either (Everton takes priority ;)), so please dig deep and help me.

My Page as part of TeamHonk is here don’t worry I will link again shortly 😉

My Route is set out the best I can via Google maps and is slightly over but better to be over than under.


I was going for something a little scenic, also 25 years ago I was 15 and spend the day dressed as clown, if you know anyone who would like to donate a costume for the day I am willing to wear it whilst on my bike (please don’t shout about it though 😉 )

Edit: route will be around southport, for my safety. a few laps around the lake and parks i think x

My next task is how about some beautiful red velvet cupcakes with a white chocolate buttercream, to sit and enjoy whilst watching the fundraising on the television on the 15th march?



I have 25 boxes of 4 sat waiting to be filled with these beauties, but I need £5 from you for each box, now I need to sell all 25 boxes a box per year (can you see all the links yet?) 25 boxes of cakes, 25 miles, 25yrs…sadly I cant go back to being 25.

If you all so kindly buy these from me (have to be local…sorry) then I will also make an extra 50 and take them the homeless (thank you Sheli for the idea) so please help by donating






Please when donating online for the cakes mention it on the page so I know how many have been pre-ordered thank you so much in advance.




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